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MS4589 Telemetry Module

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MS4589 Telemetry Module 

Simply without any necessary configuration, connect the MS4589 module to your device through the serial port and access this serial port remotely through your GSM network from anywhere in the world.

The MS4589 module is a new simplified version for M2M or IoT telemetry over the MQTT protocol for any device that has its Serial RS232C interface and requires remote access to data or configuration through this interface.

Uses 2 types of GSM access for your Transparent Serial port:

In the first type of access, the module uses a DNS Server, previously configured, to obtain the updated IP and tries to make its connection through its Socket to a Server pointed to by this IP. The server that the module tries to connect to is always an application running on your computer which in turn is periodically updating the IP of your machine in the DNS Server.

In the second type of access, the module uses a connection with the Cloud (IoT) and automatically provides its Serial Port in Cloud, an application in your computer accesses this Serial Port directly from the Cloud. The application on your computer establishes contact with the System Cloud and opens a serial port on your computer so that you can access your device using the original application of your device.

Diagrama de Blocos MS4589


Processor MS4589


PIC18F87J60 – 8bits, 32MHz, 128K Flash, Ethernet Interface or
PIC32MX795F512L – 32 bits RISC, 40MHz, 512K Flash, Ethernet Interface, USB or
AT91SAM378E – 32Bits ARM Córtex-M3, 40MHz, 512 Flash, Ethernet Interface,

Operational systeml

Stack TCP/IP 5.0 - Web page server for configuration, direct connection socket and connection protocol MQTT


1 input RS232C


not used


not used


not used


not used

Degree of protection


Power interface

5V-28V (DC 12V/1A or DC5V/2A) built-in power instant overvoltage protection




Network characteristic

Port flow detection
Link real time monitoring


Use soft hardware watchdog and multi-level link detection , with capability of fault automatic diagnosis, automatic recovery, ensure equipment to work in stable and safe way.
Multipleequipmentself-checking mechanism.
ESD protection for each port, prevent static shock

Remote management

Equipment online monitoring

High Performance

WCDMA,EDGE, GPRS downward  compatible to CDMA,EDGE,GPRS
Support 1XLAN, providestandard  RS232/485 serial port, support DTU function.
Support hardware WDT, provide anti-log off  mechanism, ensure data terminal online forever
Support PPTP,L2TP and GRE protocol
Support DHCP,DDNS,firewall, NAT and  DMZ
Support wired and wireless network mutual  backups
Support ICMP,TCP,UDP,Telnet,SSH, FTP,http,HTTPS
Support standard industrial SIM/UIM card
Support WAN port, wired and wireless network mutual backups (optional)
Support 802.11n(optional)


Standard and Band Width: 150Mbps support IEEE802.11b/g/n standard, Max speed 150Mbps
Safety: Support WEP,WAP,WPA2,optional WPS
Transmitted Power:    16-17dBm 11g, 18-20dBm 11b 15dBm (11n )
Receive Sensitivity    <[email protected]

GSM Wireless parameter

Type: Industrial wireless module
Standard and Band: Band40: 2300~2400MHz Band38: 2570~2620MHz
Standard and frequency range:  
                900/1800/1900/2100MHz Optinal850/900/1900/2100MHz
                OptionalGPRS/ EDGE CLASS 12
Theory bandwidth:
                HSPA+:21 M (DL)/HSUPA 5.76Mbps / HSDPA 21Mbps(UL) / UMTS 384Kbps (DL/UL)
Receive sensitivity: -97dBm @10MHz QPSK
Transmitted power: 23dBm +/-2dB @25?


not used

WAN/Serial Port

not used

Indicator light

not used

Antenna interfact

1 standard SMT antenna interface(3G/4G),characteristic impedance 50

SIM/UIM interface

SIM/UIM card cover


not used