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Flashlight MS4514

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 Flashlight Series MS4514-XX 5-9nm

The MS4514 is a marine flashlight comprising 4 plates 24 Total common LED 0.5W LEDs 96, 60 each having CD and a total of 5760 cd in colors Red, Yellow, Green and Blue with 360° horizontal and 5 degrees vertical, control of intensities with 256 flash configurations, microprocessor WebServidora by Wifi more advanced in the market.

Utilizing the latest processor technology in dedicated firmware development, the flashlight is equipped with a controller module with Wifi and a LED projector with a large number of features including flash function, intensity adjustment, programmable light sequences, Hardware or GPS, automatic activation by time or condition of solar lighting and others

Mounted with Red, Yellow, Green or Blue lenses is designed specifically for use with LEDs and has UV protection and can incorporate one or more rods against unwanted birds.

The MS4514 is ideal to fit into existing structures, or can be supplied as a complete unit with external solar modules and aluminum housing with battery and charge controller.. 





Wifi functional configurationi

The Flashlight can be configured by any portable unit that uses a Wifi interface and has a Browser, Chrome, for example. The Flashlight MS451X is a Web Server and generates its own access page for configuration and through this page you can configure all the parameters available in your model. The Wifi Access to your Flashlight is protected by encrypted access password.
After connecting to the Lanterna through its Wifi access we can access its configuration page, through a browser, through the default address "".

Please wait a while to load the configuration page as it can be seen on the side.

Through this page we can define: 
Periods On / Off 
Preset periods (Flash Code) 
Intensity in Candles (cd) 
Set synchronism signal (Rising or Descending Edge) 
Defines the use of the light sensor (Day / Night)


LED Mounting

Its assembly is equipped with 24 LEDs in each of the 4 panels with a total of 96 LEDs. Each LED has 0.5W of power with 60 candelas (cd).

Total LEDs: 4 x 24 = 96 LEDs (each LED emits 60000 mcd)
Consumption in maximum condition: 14.4 Amperes
Power: 48 Watts
Light Power: 5.760 cd (candelas)



Optional GPS Synchronization (GPS)

The MS4515 series is also available with optional GPS synchronization that allows users to clearly mark channels, ports, rivers and entrances, marinas and exclusion zones with independent lanterns that flash in sync. When flashlights use sync flash, it clearly lets you be distinguished from others and helps navigate and confuse background lighting.

Optional Integration of Remote Monitoring via link (GSM) or AIS (AIS)

The MS4515 series can also be equipped with remote monitoring systems via GSM or AIS link, allowing users to access real-time remote diagnostics and configuration data. The AIS integration also allows fundamental Message 21 with information to be transmitted to the navigators of the region.


Access page view for setup



·           ATmega 2560 16MHz processor
·           Operating System: TCP / IP Stack
·       Web server 2.0 (http)
·           Data memory with 8K bytes
·           Program memory with 156k bytes ISP Flah
·           USB port for programming
·           GPS Sirf Star III 265 channels (optional)
·           Communication: GSM / GPRS 900/1800 / 1900MHz 2G (optional)
·           Wireless Communication 2.4GHz Wifi
·           Arrangement: 4 sets with 24 LEDs of 0.5W each, total of 96 LEDs
·           Power: 48W
·           Voltage 12 Vdc
·           Current Max.: 14,4 A
·       General Features 
Angle of View: 120°
·           Lens Color: Transparent 
·      Estimated Useful Life [h]: 50,000
·           Len KB-H29-xx-M